Top 6 Myths about the Electronic Cigarette:

There’s so much miss-information about the ecigarette out in the headlines, I thought it’d be prudent to squash some of the lies you may have heard. Here’s my list of the top 6 myths about the electronic cigarette:

Fantasy #6: Nicotine causes cancer

It’s perhaps not the nicotine that is doing harm to your system, when smoking a normal tobacco-cigarette. The primary reason cigarettes cause cancer is basically because they are ignited. You release the toxic substances in the tobacco, which you then inhale into your lungs, when you burn the tobacco. That cigarettes offers the 4000 chemicals and toxins everyone has heard of (tar, carbon monoxide, arsenic, cause, etc.) Nicotine alone is approximately as dangerous for the body as regular caffeine. It is proven to raise blood pressure, reduce heart-rate, and constrict arteries. Caffeine is known to cause rapid heartbeat, dizziness, blurred vision, and hyperglycemia.

A study was done on the long term aftereffects of inhaled nicotine. In the research, mice were placed in a step with twice the plasma concentration of nicotine found in heavy smokers. Nicotine was given for 20 h per day, 5 times a week for 2 yrs. Particularly, there is no microscopic or macroscopic lung tumors nor any escalation in pulmonary neuroendocrine cells. Throughout the study, however, your body weight of the nicotine exposed mice was paid down as compared with controls. In conclusion, our study doesn’t reveal any damaging effect of nicotine when given in its pure form by inhalation.’

Myth #5: E-cigarette Manufacturers create electronic cigarettes in unsafe and unsanitary environments

Ecigs are produced in clean and professional plants in China. They’re necessary to pass certification standards to produce and sell their products. These certifications are just like rigorous as any that are used in Canada and america. Watch this Youtube movie as Vapor walks through an e-cigarette manufacturing facility and start to see the top level of quality get a grip on they use.

When you can easily see, the procedures that take place at these manufacturing plants are fully up to standard. The distributor I acquire my electronic cigarettes and e-liquid from has 8 different qualifications due to their products.
Myth #4: Non-smokers may suddenly begin responding to use e-cigarettes

This 1 is actually quite ridiculous for me. There are currently numerous alternates to smoking cigarettes that non-smokers could try, like snuff, nicotine gums and lozenges. Perhaps you have heard of a non smoker choosing to use some nicotine gum? Or throw on the patch? Digital cigarettes were created especially for current tobacco smokers who can not give up smoking cigarettes.
Myth #3: You’ll find issues with the additives in E-cigarettes (Propylene Glycol or Vegetable Glycerin)

Both propylene Glycol and Vegetable Glycerin have already been found in everyday objects for a long time in United States. The products have been tested and re-tested for possible toxicity with people, and have been deemed safe to use both by health Canada and the FDA. To find out more, browse the research completed on Vegetable Glycerin and Propylene Glycol.
Myth #2: Our government is taking care of our best attention

This myth is simply laughable. The government is looking out for every one of its interests, including big tobacco and pharmaceutical organizations, who make the two products which can be in competition using the ecigarette. Any smoker turned e-cigarette user is one less pack-a-day buyer of tobacco, which the federal government taxes. That tax totals 9.3 Billion dollars annually. Even though smokers create a larger burden on our healthcare, it’s estimated.. billion dollars annual are the results of smokers. This can be a net income of 7.8 billion dollars for our Canadian government’s pocket. They do not wish to give this up. Any smoker turned electronic-cigarette individual will not need the current quit-smoking services and products created by the drug companies: The patch, the nicotine gums, the nicotine inhalers, and the drugs. –Which by the way have a 95-years failure rate. The pharmaceutical companies made a net income of 1.3 billion dollars in Canada last year, which its taxes are received by the Canadian governments. The global income e smoking-cessation services and products exceeded 1.6 billion dollars in 2009. They have a lot of power, and a lot of cash.
Myth #1: Ecigs may not be any safer then tobacco products

That is again absolutely laughable. Tobacco cigarettes are among the worst things it is possible to do for your body. They attack every area of one’s human body, slowly breaking down and destroying them. They cause cancer of the every thing, and reduce energy, mess with sleep, hurt the lungs, center, mind, and so much more. Electronic cigarettes have already been on industry for almost seven years, and almost without exception, each user who used to use tobacco has received a dramatic and drastic improvement in all of the areas for testing. People are going to their health practitioners and they’re saying ‘you’ve quit-smoking’, or ‘in accordance with medical research, you are now deemed a non-smoker.’

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Do e-cigarettes really help quit smoking?

THAT has slammed e-cigarettes, promoted as a successful rear kicker and a healthier option. Two smokers share their genuine encounter.
For decades, digital or e-cigarettes, have been smartly marketed as a ‘healthier choice,’ topped with a grand promise to wean smokers off the cancer stick. The Whole World Health Organisation though, will not buy it. Earlier this month, WHO authorities pointed out that there is no evidence to demonstrate that e-cigarettes help a smoker quit. It warned that the “pure nicotine” present in e-cigarettes could “constrict blood vessels”, triggering heart attacks, strokes and hypertension. The health body also called for regulating its sale, mentioning the disturbing trend of nonsmokers trying e-cigarettes and then going to regular ones.

E-cigarettes are batterypowered products that vaporise a nicotine-laced liquid solution into an aerosol mist, stimulating the act of smoking a cigarette. Leonardo Di Caprio, a staunch supporter, has stated that it “feels like the real thing but it ain’t.” But to truly understand a smoker’s encounter with ‘vaping’ (since the liquid nicotine turns into a vapor, it really is called vaping, not smoking) we turn to two working, chain-smoking professionals in town (both names changed on request).

‘It helped, but since I made up my brain’

Kainaz, a 26year-old former television producer started smoking at 18. She would smoke three every day in school. “But my smoking drastically shot up when I began working in a production house. Quickly I was smoking twice or thrice as much. For the past three years, I have already been averaging around 18 cigarettes a day. I’ve tried stopping using a variety of nicotine replacement goods, but to no avail. Then I deconstructed my smoking pattern in my head.

“I realised that I smoked to break the monotony. So if I was sitting on my own workstation, I felt like I should smoke to break away from that setting. I figured it was the act of stepping out and blowing smoke, which appealed to me. I took to e-cigarettes because they reproduce the act of smoking, without causing lung cancer.

“Earlier in 2013, on March 28, I quit smoking and took to e-cigarettes. Each e-cigarette cartridge would last around 500 pulls, and initially, I would consider several rounds of it. But then I began actively lowering. I stopped charging the apparatus and it did not change me. Now, I use e-cigarette once in times. I am in control of my own habit. But seriously, I really could cease simply because I made up my mind. Had I not been resolute, this e-cigarette too, could have been as rubbish as the other tricks I tried.”

‘It didn’t work after the novelty wore off’

For five years after she graduated, 30 year-old media expert Karishma, would drag a pack of 12 a day. “I stop for just two years, but resumed smoking sometimes. My friend introduced me to e-cigarettes, last August. They felt easy and reminded me of water pipes. Most significant smokers usually do not enjoy e-cigarettes because it will not ‘strike’.

“I enjoyed trying different flavours like strawberry or green apple. Then you certainly need to knowingly and progressive lower the quantity of tobacco in your device over times, if you want to stop smoking via e-cigarettes. I then got hooked onto e-sheesha and would supply them from London. Somehow, e-cigarettes did not cut it for me once its novelty component wore off. It has been a month since I have returned to smoking. I really do not believe e-cigarettes can assist you to quit smoking, though several of my friends have taken to it and have majorly decrease their daily smokes. Whether they quit entirely, is another matter.”

Expert talk

On being advised of the two accounts, Doctor Pankaj Chaturvedi, professor and surgeon at Parel’s Tata Memorial Hospital, confirms WHO’s concerns. “E-cigarette is a dreadful alternative. Only under strict observation, can any nicotine replacement therapy work.” But, using the smoker calling the shots on how much he should ‘vape’, e-cigarettes defeat the goal of stopping, says Dr Chaturvedi. “They can be used for a couple days to undertake the withdrawal. However it is like antibiotics; you can’t take them for months.”

Only two per cent of Indians have the ability to quit smoking, Dr Chaturvedi says. Like Karishma, smokers relapse. “When you give an e-cigarette into a smoker, you’re not allowing him to stop smoking. You are only making him change his source of nicotine, which is a very addictive drug with proven disease causing properties.”

Electronic cigarettes – stop smoking

Folks have inquired whether ecigs are both a cigarette alternative, or perhaps a stop smoking help, because they came on the market.

As the advantages of e-cigarettes are several, a replacement for smokes. They include no pitch, no tobacco, and may work-out as much as 70% less expensive than ordinary cigarettes.

There’s no doubt the best long term objective for the well-being and well-being will be free of nicotine completely. However this is quite hard to accomplish in a single action, and lots of people realize that e-cigarettes can function as a short-term replacement for smokes whilst they attempt to quit smoking.

Unlike patches or alternative nicotine replacement therapies, e-cigarettes are formed like regular cigarettes, so will help smokers to prolong the sensation of smoke, whilst also comprising the nicotine needed to fulfil your body’s craving for a smoke.

Just as a stop smoking guide, or therefore, in response to the first question, e-cigarettes may be utilized as both a substitute for conventional cigarettes. It depends completely in the person and what they need to reach from their usage of e-cigarettes.

U.S. to enforce electronic cigarette ban on flights

Several videos on reveal passengers utilizing the devices on aircraft. Lautenberg even said some travellers have interpreted flight attendant instructions to suggest when other digital devices weren’t enabled during takeoff and landing the devices were simply prohibited.

Several airlines have begun educating passengers the devices aren’t enabled on flights, but Lautenberg said there was confusion over their use and desired to ensure authorities were solidly opposed to opening the doorway to e-smoking on planes. Some e-cigarette vendors have touted their comfort since they could be “smoked” everywhere conventional cigarettes aren’t permitted.

“We still do not understand the health consequences of e-cigarettes and we do not need to show airline passengers into lab mice,” Lautenberg said in an emailed statement.

Jason Healy, president of e-cigarette manufacturer Blu Cigs, called the transfer somewhat unsatisfactory, but said it’s not the end-of the whole world.

Almost 46 million cigarettes are smoked by Americans. About 40 percent attempt to quit each year, as stated by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

First advertised abroad in 2002, e-cigarettes did not become readily accessible in the U.S.A. until late 2006. Now, the business has grown in the tens of thousands of customers in 2006 to several million globally, with thousands new e-smokers each week.

The potential of e-cigarettes is inclined to be determined by the Federal Food and Drug Administration. The FDA lost a court case this past year after attempting to deal with e-cigarettes as drug delivery devices, instead of tobacco goods, because e-cigarettes warm nicotine extracted from tobacco.

E-cigarettes help you quit

Smokers fantastic to cease are equally as likely to achieve success should they use e-cigarettes as they are with nicotine patches, the “gold standard” stopping assistance. The findings come ahead of a serious argument within the European Parliament on 8 October to determine whether e-cigarettes should be regulated as medicinal goods, which may dramatically lower their availability.

It’s the leading from nicotine – the element of tobacco – that activates withdrawal symptoms, when smokers try to cease. E-cigarettes, which physically resemble real cigarettes, supply a compensatory nicotine hit, with no noxious brew of carcinogenic compounds.

Prior studies conducted on e-cigarettes only have proven they help smokers stop, but nobody knew when they performed and nicotine patches.
E-cigs versus patches

To discover, the New Zealand authorities financed a head-to-head comparison research. Chris Bullen and his colleagues at the National Institute for Health Innovation in Auckland gave e-cigarettes to 289 smokers who were attempting to stop. While 73 obtained dummy nicotine – free e – cigarettes, a different team of 295 individuals were offered nicotine patches.

6 months later, the group asked participants if their efforts to stop was successful. Those that had used the nicotine e-cigarettes had the greatest success rate: 7.3 percent had managed to keep away from tobacco. Of the nicotine patch users, 5.8 percent had quit. And of those using the placebo around 4 percent were effective.

“The stopping rates were about 25 percent much better than patches for those e-cigarettes, but statistically we are more assured with saying they were similar, rather than exceptional,” states Bullen.

Slower relapse

As a quitting guide individuals who used e-cigarettes took more to relapse, also. They took on average 35 days while those using nicotine patches took a mean of 14 days, to relapse – much like the 12 days it took for those on placebos.

Relapsers in the e-cigarette group also smoked two fewer cigarettes per-day than those in the patch group. “They decreased the amount of cigarettes people smoked, in addition to withdrawal symptoms,” says Bullen.

The reality that e – cigarettes have exactly the same look and feel as cigarettes will make the preferred alternative to them for smokers attempting to stop. Bullen’s group found that 88 per cent of people using nicotine e-cigarettes and 92 per cent of people given placebo e-cigarettes said they’d urge them to fellow smokers who were attempting to stop. Only 56 percent of patch users would urge them.
Time to control?

E-cigarettes are prohibited in Australia and New Zealand, but remain accessible as consumer products in the UNITED States along with Europe, provided they aren’t marketed as aids to stopping. If Europe’s draft Tobacco Products Directive is passed unamended on 8 October by the European Parliament, it’ll re-classify all e-cigarettes as medicinal products and prohibit them from the market by 2016, until and unless they move extended, extensive clinical trials. Nicotine patches are already controlled in this manner.

Marlboro makers announce to develop E-cigarettes

Another Large Tobacco player Altria Group Inc. has announced plans to produce its take in the e-cigarette after in 2013. Altria is the biggest tobacco distributor within america and it is better-known to customers because of its Marlboro brand. After watching sales continue to depression, Altria has determined follow in the footsteps of its own traditional opposition and progress with plans to come up with a fresh e-cigarette.

Other tobacco businesses have began advertising e-cigarettes, therefore we’re in little doubt that Altria is making the transfer to be able to remain competitive and create a foothold within our emerging business. Lorillard Inc. now possesses Blu Cigs, and it has managed to keep sales robust by diversifying products to contain tobacco free choices.

Provided Altria’s size and fiscal weight, we could probably assume their offer to become a critical player on the marketplace. Marlboro is already among the most identifiable brands within the tobacco industry, therefore there’s little doubt their transfer to e-cigarettes is just another moment for the two businesses.

On April 25, Altria’s chairman Marty Barrington mentioned, “We are happy to announce another stage in our attempts to deal with changing tastes of mature tobacco consumers.” Barrington continued to explain that they’ll release an e-cig through its ‘tobacco choice’ subsidiary company Nu Mark after in 2013.

Altria reported a noted decrease in cigarette sales for the first-quarter of 2013, with total sales dropping by 5.2%. Marlboro brand in particular dropped by 5.5% in the first-quarter. Total income decreased by only 2%. They’re pinning their hopes after in 2013 the release of an e-cigarette will bring a rise in sales.

Given the progress of the business as well as challengers, rolling out a new e-cigarette appears a no-brainer. With the business appearing to be blossoming more in 2013, right through the planet, the stakes appear to be climbing each day. We’re certain e-cigarette users and smokers alike will be fascinated to see what hand Altria’s, and really enormous tobacco, continues to play with their moves in to our business.

Tips to find the best e-cigarette

In the event you’re like me, your research for the greatest electronic cigarette started with research. I was somewhat skeptical initially about electronic cigarettes anyway. Do they really work? Would I be able to quit smoking tobacco cigarettes using these?

Once I had enough info about e-cigarettes under my belt, I was prepared to make a decision concerning which brand to purchase. The only problem was, now I had to research different brands of ecigarettes out there. Logically, I considered electronic cigarette review websites. That’s when I found out that not all ecig review sites are made equal.

On my journey to find the right e-cigarette, I discovered that there isn’t any perfect electronic cigarette. but I did learn a lot along the way, and I thought I’d share some tips with you.

Know Your Business name: Many Ecig Business names Use Similar Products

There is a misconception out there amongst the newer ecig devoted that every one of those ecig companies are developing and manufacturing their particular products. This is just not accurate. While there could be some businesses out there doing their particular research and development, the majority of the little players out there are just purchasing product in the same 3-5 Chinese suppliers and setting their brand-name on it.

Ecigarettes are a revolution and there are literally hundreds and hundreds of startup companies out there trying to get a foothold in this burgeoning new market. Not all will endure. It’s important that you simply do your research and understand something about the brand that you are going to pick. After all, you’re investing cash in a kit that you will use well into the future.

Try Before You Purchase But Don’t Go Cheap

Some of the most important things to consider when picking a business name is: Don’t Go Cheap. Evidently, there are a few top quality brands out there which are of a reasonable price, but once you’re just starting out your venture with vapor cigarettes, you don’t want to make price the absolute rule. Finding a top quality apparel saves you time and headache in the end. A great solution to have a sense of the quality of each brand is really to purchase one of the disposable ecigs. Just don’t forget, most real starter kits perform better than their disposable counterpart, so keep that in mind as well.